Kensington Rooms Hotel Promise

The Professional Approach to doing Business

  • We will advise the booking agent if a specific enquiry or new piece of business has already been received from another agency or direct from the client at the outset of any such enquiry.
  • We will use discretion and confidentiality about the client’s identity on any enquiry.
  • We agree to a principle of first come first served in the event of more than one agent making the same enquiry, unless otherwise instructed by the client.
  • We will endeavour to respond to all enquiries within 1 hour providing that the enquiry is received between 0900 and 1700 Monday to Friday. Any enquiries received outside of this time including weekends will be dealt with immediately on our return to the events office.
  • We will honour commission agreements in place and not to offer lower rates to clients should they book directly with us. We will not directly canvass clients introduced to us by agencies.
  • We will honour verbal or written agreements for a specific enquiry from the initial enquiry stage right though to confirmation and the invoicing of the event.
  • We recognise that our legal obligations exist between ourselves and the client, and not with the booking agency, unless the booking agency is acting as principle and is therefore responsible for all aspects of the booking including payment of the account. We will issue a contract, terms and conditions for every event once the agency has confirmed the even to us in writing.
  • We will pay the agent the agreed rate and amount of commission due no later than 10 days after payment for the event has been received from the client. We will be honest in any deductions of commissions due to no shows or short stays.
  • We will only charge valid amounts for no shows and cancellations. We will not charge for re-let rooms: both bedrooms and event spaces. We will not charge for any food that has not been consumed providing we have not already incurred any costs.
  • We will only book-out bedroom accommodation in extreme circumstances and will ensure that we book the client into a hotel of the same standard or higher. All transfer costs and differences in hotel tariffs will be settled by ourselves.
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